Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) prepares for the semester

As we approach our fourth week of the semester, NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) student organization is actively preparing to attend the IIE Regional Conferencelater this month.
The Institute of Industrial Engineers discovers new ways to improve the quality and productivity of equipment, energy, materials, and information.
The conference will be held at The University of Iowa from February 28-March 2.  There will be a total of 7 members from NIU’s IIE attending the regional conference.
During the 3 day conference, IIE will be attending plant tours and networking with industry professionals.
IIE will also pursue guest speakers for the semester, community service at Feed My Starving Children, and selling both sweatshirts and T-shirts.
IIE President, Donato Miroballi, said, “They sold sweatshirts last semester and had a really good turnout.”
CEET Student organizations provide many great opportunities for the students.  Being involved gives them the upper hand among their peers by giving them real life experiences to work from.  The projects and designs they prepare can be used, not only in the classroom, but in businesses and organizations that are looking to hire them.
There are a wide variety of student organizations that CEET has to offer. If you’re looking to get involved, check out CEET student organizations to find the right one for you. 

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