ROBOTICS CLUB BLOG: Eat. Sleep. Innovate. Repeat.

Being the first to engineer a flying robot in America’s oldest robotics competition, definitely gives the NIU Robotics club some bragging rights However, Club President and Mechanical Engineering major, Kevn McNary and his team don’t have time to brag about past accomplishments…simple because they are too busy building more unique and innovative robot designs for this year’s competition. #NIUCEET

So what does make the gears of these engineers turn on a day-to-day basis?

Luckily, McNary was able to take a break from building for an exclusive inspection of the components constructing the NIU Robotics Club.


Okay arrange the following tasks in order of how the team accomplishes them on a day-to-day basis: Eat, sleep, engineer, design awesome robots, repeat

Engineer, design awesome robots, eat, sleep(optional), repeat.

What daily task do you find the most difficult to accomplish?

Keeping the lab clean and organized!

Who is one of the club’s mentors? What is something this mentor has taught club members?

Dr. Kocanda, of the Electrical Engineering Department. He’s helped us trouble shoot and given suggestions on how to keep the club running smoothly.

Just after a short period of time as a club on campus, you guys have already achieved so much. What are some future goals and objectives the club is striving to accomplish in the next few months or years?

The general goal for the future of the club is to continue building more robots and bringing more entries to competition. Most schools in our competition bring 5-7 teams, most of the time all under different organizations. We would like to go to competition as one central faction but multiple sub-teams and robots.

The NIU Robotics Club is continuously striving to bridge theory with practice through their innovative robot designs.


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