5 Tips for a Successful Finals Week

A student studies

Work ahead.

Ryan, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, says there’s a better alternative to binge studying – start now.

“Expose yourself to the material day after day to get as familiar as you can with it,” he said.

By reviewing the material a little each day leading up to the final, you’ll build on your knowledge as you go.

Students study together

Join a study group. 

After you develop an understanding of the material, it can be helpful to join a study group so you can work on problems out loud and exchange ideas with other students. The theoretical concepts can be discussed from different perspectives, which can deepen your understanding of the material.

Students laugh over a meal in the dining hall

Eat properly and get enough sleep.

“You can’t feel bad and perform well on your exam,” said Gail, a senior mechanical engineering student.

Give yourself eight hours to sleep, especially if you have multiple exams in one day. Also, make sure you eat – and we mean real food with nutritional value. The last thing you want to be thinking about during a test is how hungry you are; you’ll think more clearly and perform better on the test if you’ve eaten well.

A student studies

Create a rigid study schedule.

Time management is a huge issue in the last week, especially if you have particularly demanding classes. Dan, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, advises students not to leave anything until the last minute. Map out when and where your finals are going to be, then create a study schedule around the importance and time of the exams and show up early. It sounds like a lot, but planning it in advance will help you to walk into each exam calm and prepared.

A student studies

Rework all of your homework, quizzes and exams.

Here’s a tip from the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Tutoring Center. Mythili, an electrical engineering tutor, says the content of the exam is going to be similar to the homework, quizzes and tests you’ve had throughout the semester. Make sure you understand them and can work out problems without looking at the solutions. If you get stuck, the tutoring center is always ready to help!

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