Engineers Wanted!

       Recent grads have more to worry about these days than putting their care-free college days behind them.  Finding a job in any market has become increasingly difficult, even for the most successful students. 
           Unemployment rose to 8.2% last month.  The unemployment rate for people under the age of 24 is even  higher, at 16.7% according to the Wall Street Journal.  Add that with the amount of student debt in this country, and you’ve got a difficult environment to find a job in.  An online article says, “The number of students who have to go into debt to get a bachelor’s degree has risen from 45% in 1993 to 94% today.”

           With the highest unemployment rates and incredibly high student debt, choosing the right degree can be the first step toward a successful future.  According to a article, engineering ranks in the top 5 most desired college degrees.  In fact, engineering is number one on that list, beating out business, accounting, computer science, and economics.  Good news for those of you already pursuing an engineering degree!
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