AFS Additive Manufacturing Casting Contest

AFS Additive Manufacturing Casting Contest
OVERVIEW AFS is introducing this year, the first AFS Student Additive Manufacturing Technology Casting Design Contest. The purpose of the competition is to encourage student team participation in the use of what promises to be a transformative technology. AFS and its America Makes partners, University of Northern Iowa and Product Development & Analysis (PDA) LLC, sponsors of this competition, will pay for the cost of the 3D printing of sand cores and molds, the cost to ship them back to the students, and the cost for shipment of student castings to the 119th Metalcasting Congress in Columbus, OH as well as cash prizes for the winning entries.
This competition is intended to highlight undergraduate projects utilizing Additive Manufacturing technologies and is open only to undergraduates. The submissions will be judged prior to the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress. Submissions will be judged for complexity of the casting design, technical merit, and best use Additive Manufacturing technologies by a panel of metalcasting experts. Team efforts are encouraged. Two winning projects will be selected from those castings created using 3D sand core and/or mold printing and two from those submitted using other AM technologies, like 3D printing of a mold and/or core box or printing a pattern for investment casting . You are also at liberty to mix Additive Manufacturing approaches and hybrid approaches that use conventional subtractive with additive. For more information on Additive Manufacturing, check out article “Printing Possibilities” and Media Link at:
First Place in each category will receive a $1,000.00 cash prize and an AFS award of merit. Second Place in each category will receive a $500.00 cash prize. Plus an article about the entries will be published in the AFS Modern Casting magazine. The winning projects will be displayed at the Additive Manufacturing Workshop on the afternoon of April 20th preceding the 119th Metalcasting Congress, April 21-23, 2015, in Columbus, OH.
QUALIFICATIONS The AFS Additive Manufacturing Casting Contest is open to teams comprised of North American citizens currently enrolled in metalcasting related programs at FEF certified and affiliated schools. Students must be registered with FEF and enrolled in the current and upcoming academic year. AFS shall have the full rights to the use of all submitted entries for educational and training purposes.
SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Application Form – A completed application form, including the submitter’s’ signatures, addresses, telephone number and email address is mandatory. If a project is being submitted by a group (Team), and all participants in said group project are participating in the contest, then all submitter’s signatures, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are mandatory.
Project Submission -.
1. 3D Printed Sand Core and/or Mold: Those wishing to submit a casting made by using 3D Sand Core & Mold
technology and wishing to use the printing services from University of Northern Iowa, must create an STL file of the object they want printed and contact Jerry Thiel to make arrangements for sending the file, printing and shipment of cores/molds. Note, use of 3D Printed cores and/or molds is limited to what can be printed in a 24”x24”x24” cube. These STL files must be received by UNI no later than COB Jan. 23, 2015
Jerry Thiel Director – Metal Casting Center & Additive Manufacturing University of Northern Iowa 76 Industrial Technology Center Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0178 E P(319) 273-7085 F(319) 273-5959
2. 3D Printed Patterns for Sand Core and/or Investment Casting Patterns: Those schools with the
capabilities to direct print plastic or metal for molds and cores or investment casting patterns can make a submission utilizing that technology. There is no size limit when utilizing these technologies and you are also

at liberty to mix Additive Manufacturing approaches and hybrid approaches that use conventional subtractive with additive.
3. Either the casting produced or a submission package that contains pictures and a detailed description of the
approaches taken to produce the entry, along with completed application forms must be submitted to AFS Technical Services by March 24, 2015.
DEADLINES & SUBMISSION Completed application form and final submissions (Casting with description or project portfolio containing pictures and descriptions) must be submitted to AFS Technical Services by March 24, 2015.
Submit To – Thomas Prucha, AFS V.P. Technical Services,, 847/824-0181 x 264 AFS Upload Site: Username: consultant; Password: safe.
Shipping & Mailing Address: American Foundry Society Attn: Thomas Prucha 1695 N. Penny Lane Schaumburg, IL 60173-4555
REVIEW CRITERIA All submissions will be subject to technical review and judged based on the following criteria. Judging will take place prior to the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress and winners will be notified before Congress. Judges will include AFS technical staff and metalcasting industry experts.
CRITERIA POINTS Technical Merit— Demonstration of use of CAD, process modeling, AM technology and metalcasting skills to create a unique part.
Complexity of Design—Use of Additive Manufacturing to make a complex shape, undercuts, integration of multiple cores, internal passages, etc..

Relevance— Relevance and applicability of the research to the metalcasting industry. 20 Innovation—Originality of ideas, concepts or approach. 20 Total 100
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