How-to Guide to the Job & Internship Fair

Our spring Job and Internship Fair is this Thursday so we thought we’d make things easier on you all by giving you the top tips that will have you feeling cool, calm, and collected while you’re networking like a pro and landing that dream internship or job.  #YoureWelcome

Your Look

One of the most important aspects of meeting future employers is how you present yourself.  For both genders, sensibility is key.  Guys: wear a nice fitting suit in flattering colors, (we don’t need any Dumb & Dumber moments), or even a nice dress shirt and slacks.  Ladies: respectable length skirts or nice pants with a blouse (no deep v-necks), and maybe a blazer or cardigan.  For you visual people out there, here’s what we mean:


Your Presence

The great part about our job & internship fair is that you get to meet with potential employers face to face.  It’s important to have a strong presence but you should also highlight your willingness to be a part of that company. Employers are going to ask the tough questions; practice with friends so you can answer smoothly and with confidence. It always leaves a good impression to ask employers questions about the position as well. Now that you’ve got the look down, here’s how to clinch the position with your charming personality. 
 Click here to learn how to ace the more personal portion of the fair. 


Your Resume

Your resume is the only reference point potential employers are going to have after meeting you at the fair so make yourself memorable! Point out relevant work experiences and classes–your college education will pay off here.  Also, highlight your involvement with industry or school affiliated extra-curricular activities, and most importantly make sure you have plenty of copies of your resume to hand out to any and all employers you’re interested in working for.

We hope you found these Job & Internship Fair tips and tricks helpful.  Put them to good use this Thursday, February 19th in EB 354 from 11am-3pm!

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