Student Spotlight: Parrys Jones, Technology

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Major: Technology
Year in School: Senior

Parrys Jones chose NIU because not only was DeKalb close to home but after doing her research, she found it was the best value for the engineering program. “This was important to me because I’m paying for all my school myself,” Jones said.
Jones is working toward a Technology Degree with an emphasis in Manufacturing Engineering Technology because she loves the “hands-on approach” and she enjoys building things. “When I was younger that’s what I did. I would break things a lot just so that I could fix them and see how they work.” She also likes that in her coursework, she gets to do exactly what she’d be doing in the field.
The close-knit relationships she has formed with other students have made all the difference. “We all stick together and the professors all stick with the students. They act like they care.” Her favorite professors are Cliff Mirman and Andrew Otieno. Mirman, she said, picks on her but it’s only because “He’s trying to push you to do your best.” Otieno has been a good advisor and confidant.
Jones’ favorite spot on campus is in Still Hall and the machine labs where she spends most of her time. The most interesting thing she has learned to do is stick welding. “I didn’t realize there were so many different types of welding,” Jones said.
Jones recommends NIU because of the excellent engineering program and the teachers who care and help. These instructors also have connections and relationships with companies that can assist with finding an internship or job. Her career goal is to work for an airline or automotive company and be on the production side. “I want to work with a product from start to finish; design, manufacturing and selling the product.” She also wants to come back to NIU and serve on the Engineering and Technology Alumni Society board; “I want to be a part of what has helped me succeed and tell other students about it.”
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