5 Reasons to Study Engineering

#WhyEngineering? Northern Illinois University students share the top five reasons they chose the engineering field.

1. Change the world
“I like the idea that my work could improve the lives of other people. The money and status are just extra perks.”- Adam, mechanical engineering

Engineers don’t just solve problems; they improve people’s lives. Whether they’re creating devices to improve surgical procedures or harnessing green energy to reduce environmental pollution, engineering solutions make life better. If you have a passion for changing the world, engineering might be for you.


2. Financial security

“Money.” – Katie, electrical engineering

Let’s be honest: it is nice to enter a field in which years of hard work and studying pay off. On average, engineering careers have the highest starting salary of all jobs requiring only a bachelor’s degree. From big cities to small towns, there is no shortage of employment opportunities, since there is a need for engineers everywhere. It isn’t just a challenging degree; it’s a valuable and rewarding one.


3. Creativity

“I always liked designing and building things from a young age, and I happened to be good at math and science as well.” – Matt, mechanical engineering

Engineering isn’t just all math and science; it’s a fusion of imagination, art and design. It is easy to believe that you have to trade in your creativity for a calculator, but that is not the case. Engineers are visionaries, innovators and creators.


4. Problem solving skills

“Engineering teaches you how to approach problems in a logical and ordered way.” – Alerick, mechanical engineering

As an engineer, your education trains you to think in a systematic process to solve problems. These skills can be applied to all areas of life, from your personal life to various career fields like management, business and law. You will have the tools and resources needed to face any challenge.


5. Flexibility 

“For most of my life I thought I would go into the medical field until I realized working in a hospital wasn’t the place for me. My brother introduced engineering to me and I realized how awesome it is!” – Mili, biomedical engineering

There is no shortage of paths an engineering graduate can take. Hospitals, factories, warehouses, labs, theme parks, construction sites – all need engineers. Mili is blending her love of biology and medicine with talents for design and innovation. Stephanie, an industrial engineering student, is taking a minor in sustainable engineering to indulge her passion for environmental sustainability. An engineering degree offers the flexibility to apply your skills in the field that holds the most interest for you.


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