Organization Spotlight: Alpha Omega Epsilon

Women make up only about 14 percent of engineers in the workforce, according to the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. Female engineering and technology students don’t need to be told that – they can see it when they look around the classroom. Though the number of women in engineering programs is growing, some female students still report feeling lonely or isolated. It’s nice to have a group of girl friends and classmates who are going through the same classes, challenges and experiences you are.

Women in the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology have a built-in support system through Alpha Omega Epsilon – mu chapter, a sorority dedicated to furthering the advancement of female engineers and technical scientists while encouraging lifelong friendships.

“We hope to give women in STEM majors a place to grow and belong throughout college and beyond,” said Mackenzie Thompson, a mechanical engineering student and president of the NIU chapter.

AΩE is a professional and social sorority for women studying engineering, math and technical sciences. The sorority was founded in 1983 at Marquette University and has since expanded to 38 active chapters and colonies across North America.

Because the NIU chapter is small, sisters are able to forge close bonds. The smaller size also makes it possible for each member to take on an active role in the chapter. While they each have their own stories, as women in the STEM field, all face similar personal, academic and professional challenges.

“You should join this organization if you’re a woman in a STEM major looking for a place to meet many like-minded people who will be able to provide friendship and support throughout the next few years,” Mackenzie said.

“The biggest thing we want the NIU campus to know about us is that we are here,” she said. “It is easy to overlook us since we are a smaller organization, but we are an exceptional group of girls that would be a great fit for women in STEM majors.”

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