Solar Power Research in the Engineering Technology Dept.

The Electronics Laboratory in the NIU Department of Engineering Technology hosts several courses including TECH 175 (Electricity and Electronics Fundamentals), TECH 270/271 (Electrical Fundamentals and Circuit Analysis I & II), TECH 276/376 (Electronics I & II) and TECH 426 (Electric System Applications for Alternative Energy). The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art digital power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, multi-meters and RLC meters. A 1.0 kW solar power system is installed on the roof of the Engineering Technology Department for educational purposes where a solar power inverter converts the panel output voltage into AC voltage and provides energy to the lab. The Electronics Laboratory is equipped with a solar power trainer and a wind power trainer. The solar power trainer provides the opportunity for the Electrical engineering Technology students to experiment with the solar panels under different irradiation and angle, connect solar modules in series and parallel, charge batteries, and learn off-grid and grid-parallel photovoltaic systems. The wind trainer let students learn about wind power plant components, operation of doubly fed induction generators, and operation of wind power plants.

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