Professor researching home-health COVID tracking device

Professor Mohammad Moghimi, Ph.D. is working with his research group to investigate the development of a home-health monitoring device to detect the signs of COVID-19, alert individuals in the early stages of infection, and help physicians track the status of patients remotely. This technology will minimize the need for visiting hospitals during the pandemic and save the healthcare capacity for patients in critical conditions. The device takes advantage of an array of micro-scale sensors to record the signals associated with COVID-19 and records the data on personal electronics.

The research offers students many opportunities to get hands-on experience with this exciting research. This project offers a wide range of work for researchers and engineers from undergraduate students to graduate and post-doctoral (even senior researchers). This project is just one of many more research projects taking place at CEET. Browse the Undergraduate Research Experiences available, and so many more available throughout NIU.

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