Advanced Degree in Electrical Engineering Sparks Career Success

A masters or doctoral degree in electrical engineering from NIU will deepen your knowledge of the field, stimulate your creativity and give you the tools to apply what you know to complex technological challenges. Diverse course offerings and expert faculty give you the opportunity to focus and conduct research in the areas of the field most interesting to you.

Expert Faculty

Our award-winning faculty are conducting research with implications to a variety of fields such as:
• Particle physics
• Paleontology
• Nanotechnology
• Microprocessors
• Electromagnetics
• Chemical and biological sensors
• Alternative energy and fuel cell technology
• Internet of Things
• Big Data

The Microelectronics Research and Development Laboratory, or “clean room lab”.


Engineering students at NIU have access to state-of-the-art laboratories. There are specific lab facilities for such topics as:
• Biomedical research
• Robotics
• Sensors
Microelectronics, including a class-100 clean room
• RF communications
• Digital signal processing
• DSP lab with an anechoic chamber
• Microwaves and electromagnetics
• Intelligent networks

In addition to the support you will receive from faculty and staff at the college and department level, the NIU Graduate School has a variety of resources to engage graduate students in professional development and job discovery.

Learn more and apply today.

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