Communicating Quality Control Principles with Data Storytelling

NIU Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Assistant Professor Jaejin Hwang, Ph.D. recently published a book that helps readers communicate the concepts of quality control by applying the skill of storytelling with the data analytics and visualization software Tableau.

The book entitled, “Data Analytics and Visualization in Quality Analysis using Tableau” that he co-authored with Youngjin Yoon, takes readers from introduction to Tableau through an advanced lesson in how to perform effective quality control and analysis using Tableau. It also reviews the many features and functions of quality analysis tools and instructs users on how to complete the functions. Readers also are provided with case studies and an example of a dashboard that helps to apply the information. Upon completion of the book, readers will have the skills to tell compelling stories with data used strategically in data dashboards.

“Quality is an essential factor that is indispensable in modern industrial society… and is directly related

Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Jaejin Hwang.

to customer satisfaction and company profits. Due to the growing amount of data, it has become more important to identify critical factors that affect the quality and communicate quickly to the stakeholders,” said Hwang. “[Tableau is] a data visualization tool that helps meet these needs by assisting users to explore the massive data creatively and develop an interactive data dashboard to be easily updated and shared with the stakeholders.”

Hwang explained that this book is ideal for anyone working or studying in the fields of engineering, technology, business and management, and related disciplines. In addition, anyone who is a professional practitioner in quality and reliability engineering, manufacturing and development, management, and product design.

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