NIU Student Presents Undergraduate Research

     Adam Watson, NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) student, presented his undergraduate research at the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), Chicago section student night.

       In attendance were five other NIU students, as well as undergraduate and graduate students from Illinois State University, Benedictine University, and Purdue. Other NIU students in attendance were Brent Frasier, Corey McCullough, Lacey LaBelle, and Rob Johnson. The students who attended the event were given the opportunity to network, listen to researchers discuss their work in the field, as well as find a job. This was a way for the CEET students to take the next step in their careers.

  “It was a real big honor to present in this smaller, personal setting. I was able to really speak to the people I was presenting to,” Watson said. The research he presented was on skin exposure to chemicals. Watson’s research took place in a factory, where he tried to reduce the workers’ exposure to the carcinogens they dealt with every day.

     The AIHA student night was also a place for students to network with potential employers, and in some cases, find a job. “We got to network before I presented, and have lunch afterward,” Watson said. “Presenting was a great way to break the ice with the professionals, since most of them wanted to talk to me about my presentation.”

     The AIHA student nights are held every year to highlight student research and encourage networking between students and professionals.

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