Women can be STEM superstars, too!

According to an article Mashable.com, women only make up 25% of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workforce.  A group of young women are setting out to change that statistic by not only becoming leaders in the field, but launching their own technology start-ups.  The list of “41 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know” can be found on the Mashable website.
NIU is working hard to add to that list with an initiative to involve more women in the STEM fields of study.  By implementing programs such as Enhancing Engineering Pathways (EEP), female engineering students have the opportunity to share their love of STEM with middle and high school students.  The mission of this program is to strengthen the STEM pipeline.  NIU’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) plays a big role when it comes to making an impact on up-and-coming STEM majors. 
NIU also has a STEM Outreach program that hosts both on and off campus events that boost enthusiasm for the STEM fields, including Boosting Girls’ Interest in Engineering with PBS’ Design Squad Nation.  The event is meant to teach how to spark girls’ interest in engineering and includes a day full of training on techniques to get young women involved.
If you are a female in STEM fields, you go girl!  Join SWE, encourage other young women to pursue this area of study, and don’t give up!  Keep increasing the statistic of women in the industry, and maybe you will be highlighted on Mashable’s next “Female Founders” list.
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