The CEET Anti-Macintosh Coalition and Roller Coaster Tycoon Throwback

Rumor has it that NIU’s engineering majors love nothing more than making conversation with random strangers… which is perfect, because that’s exactly what I’ve set out to do today! I met a random engineer in the computer lab, and I’m here to share my brief interaction with all of you.  Welcome to the buzz section of the blog! Without further adieu: 

Meet Kevin.

Hi Kevin, I saw you were just sitting here in the lab. You look busy, but do you have a moment?
Uh, kind of…
What’re you working on?
Uh, Homework.
What kind of homework?
Homework for my 390 class.
Sounds exhilarating. So, how do you feel about Mac computers?
I don’t like them.
What’s not to like?! What’s wrong with them? (I am a graphic designer, therefore a Mac enthusiast.)
Well, everything’s a little bit too simple and laid out.
Too simple? Isn’t that what engineers do? Make things more simple and accessible?
Well, I guess it’s also preference. I’ve written a research paper on why I believe PC’s are better than Macs.
So, what was your argument in said research paper?
It was mostly about the company, they’re pretty much an evil corporation.
So, if there was an Anti-Macintosh student group, would you join it?
Maybe, yeah.
Would you ever be the founder of a Anti-Macintosh student group?
Probably not.
Can you think of a professor that would possibly be your Anti-Macintosh Coalition (AMC for short) group advisor?
Actually, I can! He doesn’t work here anymore though.
Okay, I’m going to say some random words and I want you to say the FIRST thing that comes to mind. Try not to think! These are usually kind of funny.
… (*crickets*)… Mechanical Engineer.
Okay, that took about a minute. First thing that comes to mind! Here’s another.
Roller Coaster
And on that note, remember what an insanely awesome game Roller Coaster Tycoon was? Opening half-built rollercoasters to the cyber-public, getting to pick up the guests and move them wherever you want with the tweezer tool?  Kevin does.

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