WOW vs. Fiesta: It’s Always the Back Row

Today it occurred to me that not only are there always students in the first floor computer lab in the Engineering Building during the summer months, but judging by the hardened, frustrated faces of the students within, everyone seems completely busied with legitimate work. Legitimate work!  Slightly skeptical of all the productivity, I decided to investigate.
Isles one and two: math stuff, physics stuff, homework, homework…
As I suspected… legitimate work.
Isle three: homework, homework, homework, and more studious students! I decided to skip the inner rows and head all the way to the back. Sure enough,
It’s always the back row.
All seating judgments aside, I present to you: the gamer, the traveller, an electrical engineer who prefers glasses to contacts, who cares not for celebrities and paying for things you can get for free… Keith!
Are you playing World of Warcraft?
No, I’m playing Fiesta.
Sounds like a party… What exactly is that? World of Warcraft with a hint of party? I think it looks like World of Warcraft.
It’s another MMO game, but it’s free. (MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online. I got pwned with Keith’s gaming knowledge as he graciously explained this term to me.)

I don’t play WOW because you have to pay for it. I’d play it, but I don’t want to pay.

In preparation for your bright future I am going to ask you some interview questions taken from real companies…
(not even a moment later)
I’d say about 15,000.
Wow, that didn’t take you very long. How about this one.
If you had to pick two celebrities or any famous figures to be your parents, who would you choose? (Urban Outfitters interview question)
This is a really hard one. I don’t know how to answer that. Hmm.. I honestly can’t think of anyone… no, I really can’t think of anyone.
Dang. You must have some awesome parents.
Here’s a question everybody dreads on the first day of school. We’ll call this a social interview question. Say something interesting about yourself. GO!
Well, I’ve traveled over half the country… Mostly with my parents and family friends, but I’d say Arizona is my favorite place I’ve been.
No wonder you can’t think of better parents!

According to my brief interview, Keith’s job prospects are looking significantly more promising at Google than Urban Outfitters. May his knowledge of mathematics forever outweigh his interest in celebrities and fashion! However, I speak for all of Urban Outfitters when I commend him on his sweet glasses. Contacts are too mainstream anyway.
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