The Fast and Furiously Engineering

For NIU’s Motor Sports Clean Snowmobile Team the term “joy ride” refers to a slightly colder form of transportation.  A reengineered stocked snowmobile, designed for this year’s annual, SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Team Captain and Club President, A.J. Martineck for a segment I like to call, The Fast and Furiously Engineering #WhyEngineering

So tell me about the first time you felt a need for speed…or for cold air hitting your entire body at over 30 MILES PER HOUR?

1999, I have been riding since 1999. It’s my favorite thing to do.

What is it about a snowmobile that makes it the best form of transportation?

A trail for a snowmobile is what a road is for a car and with enough riding experience you can break away from that trail. 

You can go places on a snowmobile you can’t go in anything else. There are certain places, especially within the snowmobile community, that plain and simple cannot be reached by any other form of transportation.

What is more difficult to drive a snowmobile or a car?

I would say a car is defiantly more difficult to drive. Most people who can ride a bike can ride a snowmobile.

So now that it’s been established that you like the snow and cold weather let’s dig a little bit deeper. What are your thoughts on warm weather and summer activities?

I like warm and cold weather equally. I have two seasons; fishing and snowmobiling.

The Challenge will be held at Michigan Technological University’s Keweenaw Research Center from Monday, March 3 to Saturday, March 8.  I think it is safe to say that these guys have reengineered one cool ride. #WhyEngineering

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