The NIU-CEET Cheat Sheet

The mystery of student success at NIU-CEET is cracked!
Here’s a little known fact, we don’t expect you to figure “it” all out at once.  That’s why we schedule workshops and lectures, and host alumni and corporate executives to speak with you each semester.  Most of the time, it takes several years of the “real-world” to reveal what we already know—communication counts.
But once in awhile we come across a student that “gets it” right away. 
Thomas Bowers, recent grad and the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department (ISYE), Senior Design Day 2014 ISYE winner speaks to us about CEET student success.

What is the secret to student success?
“Time management.  This might sound like a stretch but you need to try and make the subjects fun for yourself.  If you work hard and do your best you really do feel good about yourself and your work.”
How can you get started to practice time management?
“Use whatever calendar you have (I use my gmail one) to schedule times to work on certain things and break up work into little pieces that are easy and don’t drain you.”
You made the graduation walk and won first place in the ISYE Department at Senior Design…what helped you achieve these capstones?
“You need to sell others on your ideas because in the real world, people need to back you up so that you get resources and time that are needed to be successful.”
How can CEET students prepare for senior year classes?
“Practice simplifying your technical jargon to help others from different backgrounds understand your ideas while keeping technical details available in a back up section in the PowerPoint or back of the handouts etc to refer people to them if and when technical questions are asked.”
Any other quick cheats you’ve used at NIU?
“1.Don’t slack in those COMS classes, effective communication is extremely important.
2.Keep those textbooks.  I have not sold one back and I’ve used them on the job.”

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