Dressed to Impress: Round 2

Earlier in the semester we published a piece about our Job & Internship Fair in the fall.  As promised in that article, we did have the second installment of our bi-annual Job & Internship Fair just this past Thursday, on February 19th.  

Student-employer networking
Of the 42 companies in attendance, 30 of them were new to the job fair which only broadened horizons for students seeking employment or internships. 

Nice to see some of the bigger names like Woodward and UTC are here and smaller companies are nice to see as well,” said junior Mechanical Engineering major Aaron Lewis.  “I went to the [school wide] job fair last semester, but this one has more companies geared towards what I’m looking for.”

Having a job fair hosted in our building, with companies competitive in industry, and that are specifically interested in NIU CEET students is something we love being able to provide for our hardworking students.  It’s also a great chance to connect alumni to current students.  

Sue Schlinger is an NIU alumna who has made trips back to NIU with her husband, (also an alumnus) but was excited to see more of the academic side of things.  

“[NIU] has changed, this building wasn’t even here when I went here,” Schlinger said.  “I’m interested to see how things will go.” 
Schlinger was representing SMC who was new to our job fair but has had a long history of hiring NIU CEET graduates.  

For some alumni at the fair, it wasn’t too long ago that they were in the students’ shoes on the hunt for a job.  
“It’s exciting [to be back], nice to see the change and have the tables turned,” said Mason Goodwin who was representing Made To Measure.  

NIU CEET Alumnus Mason Goodwin talking with a current student.
It was only three years ago that Goodwin was recruited from our very own job fair, making him a sort of “CEET success story.”  Made To Measure was looking to fill full-time employment positions for inspection technicians & quality control positions. 
“We have three alumni from NIU working for us who came through us from this job fair,” Made To Measure rep Jacek Macias said.  “We absolutely enjoy the students we get from here.” 

With over 260 students participating throughout the four hour fair, it’s safe to say that it was a success.  Thank you to all of the students and companies that helped make this happen! #WhyEngineering 

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