FAQs With NIU Engineering @ RVC Program Adviser Dr. Matt Gonser

The NIU Engineering @ RVC program is a unique way to complete a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Students in the program complete their freshman and sophomore classes at Rock Valley College, then transfer to Northern Illinois University’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology as juniors. But unlike a typical 2+2 transfer program, NIU Engineering @ RVC students continue taking their classes on the Rock Valley campus after becoming NIU students.

Matt Gonser, Ph.D., the program manager for NIU Engineering @ RVC, said the questions he most frequently receives from students involve the program’s format and internship availability.

Q: Do I have to travel to DeKalb for any of my NIU classes or labs?
A: No. All of the classes and labs required for the program are in the Woodward Technology Center on the Rock Valley College campus in Rockford.

Q: Can I attend the NIU Engineering @ RVC program part time?
A: Yes, you can attend classes part time and get a degree on your schedule. In fact, many of our current bachelor’s degree students in the program are part time.

Q: Does NIU Engineering @ RVC have internship opportunities?
A: Yes, lots of them! We hold internship fairs in the fall and spring in the Woodward Technology Center. Many industries from around the region attend looking for interns.

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