Featured Faculty: Mohammad Moghimi

Mohammad Moghimi was a naturally curious child. He was fascinated by electronics and always wondered how everyday items like radios, TVs and telephones worked. “I would take apart the radio to see if I could figure it out how it worked,” he said. It was that curiosity that led his high school teachers to recommend that he study electrical engineering, where his interest in microsystems and microelectronics was peaked. “I wanted to understand how the tiniest computer CPU chips could be so powerful,” he said.

He sees much of the same kind of curiosity and enthusiasm in the students he teaches in NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology’s Electrical Engineering Department. “I’m teaching students what’s going on inside their cell phones, for example. They are so excited to learn,” he said.

Moghimi joined the NIU faculty in August of 2019. He chose NIU to continue his career because of the emphasis on hands-on learning that is a fundamental part of education at NIU. “I want my students to understand the basic theories but also put the theory into practice so they can contribute to a company and take the lead in industry in the future.”

Another reason for choosing NIU was the college’s Microelectronics Research and Development Lab, which includes 4,200 square feet of cleanroom space. In this lab, he and his team of grad students are researching microelectronics and microsystems to develop a wearable home health monitoring device that helps doctors remotely monitor heart patients 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. The device sends continuous data to the patient’s cell phone and in turn, to the doctor.

“The students are so helpful. They have great energy and a tremendous work ethic,” he said. “They work hard inside and outside the classroom. It’s very rewarding to see them succeed.”

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